Losing Me by Jasime Carolina

100_6368 - revised copy 1EXCERPT:

I sighed, leaning into his embrace. “I have never been this close to a guy before,” I said. “After what Kyle did to me, I’m actually kind of afraid to be here alone with you.”

I watched his expression morph from guarded to wounded. His face turned blank, his mouth pressed into a thin line and I felt his heartbeat hasten under my touch. I’d hurt him, and I didn’t mean to.

“You’re scared because you think I’ll hurt you like he did,” he said, matter-of-factly.

I shook my head. “No,” I said. “I’m afraid because there’s this feeling in my soul that knows you won’t. To be honest, Colin, it freaks me out in the most intense way, because I’m getting this feeling that I might fall for you, and hard.”

He stared at me intently, his green eyes meeting mine, seeing me like no eyes ever have.Dream Cast Nickayla

“I’ve already fallen for you, Nickayla,” he said. “Will you be my girlfriend?”

Without hesitation, without a question, I leapt. Head first, I leapt into the pool of happiness I knew was awaiting me with this boy. I had no fears, no reservations. I knew that if I let myself, I could love Colin. I knew that I could have it all: love, security, happiness, something that I had too long deprived myself of. I wanted all of it, and I wanted all of it with Colin Westwick.

“Yes,” I said. “Of course I will.”




PLAYLIST:dream cast michele

Outta My Head-Daughtry
Devil In Me (Live Acoustic)-Kate Voegele
Wake Me Up-Boyce Avenue and Jennel Garcia cover
Beside You-Marianas Trench
Afraid to Know-Kate Voegele
Life Starts Now-Three Days Grace
Take Me There-Rascal Flatts
Dark Side-Kelly Clarkson
Courage-Orianthi ft. Lacey Mosley
Dream Cast Colin


Follow Through-Gavin DeGraw
Swim-Jack’s Mannequin
Fix You-Coldplay
Black Roses Red-Alana Grace
Lift Me Up-Kate Voegele
Warrior-Demi Lovato
Heartbeats-Jose Gonzalez
The Only Exception-Paramore
Look At Me-Carrie Underwood
The Cure-Jordin Sparks





1472095_667390596646943_2026591367_nJasmine Carolina is a twenty year old college student who has been passionately writing from the raw age of ten. It was the love of the Harry Potter series and the Chronicles of Narnia that sparked her love for writing and all things creativity. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California with her family and her two dogs. Along with writing, Jasmine has an enthusiasm for books, musicals, travel, makeup, and anything involving beauty, however, she’s not afraid to get her hair messed up or her nails broken. Losing Me, book one in the Nickayla Quinn series is her debut novel.



http://www.JasmineCarolina.Blogspot.comdream cast brody





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