On top of the Mountain; a Writer’s Journey

I sadly have not actually climbed a mountain. I don’t know that I ever will but metaphorically I think I have (hope to again) This post will feature a few great moments in my journey.

The first moment that brought me closer to the top actually was the first time I wrote a query letter. I became very excited and curious about the business side of writing. I researched different types of publication, companies and what might work best for my book. While I only received rejection letters that first one, always brings back happy memories. It was the start of something new – a step into a new path. I looked forward to it then and even now I still do.

The second moment would have to be when I wrote “The End.” On the first book I ever finished. (Courage) I never accomplished anything as great as that (aside from graduating the following month) Those two words gave me a sense of freedom, joy and determination. I probably fist bumped the air because I felt that cool.

Thirdly, this blog and all of you. This is one of the best moments of my life. Nerves kept me from starting the blog but with some persuasion I opened an account and never looked back. I’ve grown a lot since the beginning both as a person and writer. I met many amazing people and continue to do so now. I love reading posts from other bloggers, making friends and being apart of this blogging world. It has helped me feel more secure and given me something to explore. This blog and what it brings is my little adventure.

Lastly, the biggest moment that got me to stand on top has to be getting to work for a publishing company. AEC Stellar Publishing Inc.Β  Offered me the fantastic opportunity of getting to be a social media marketer for them. Something I never knew I wanted until I took the chance. I now get to work with talented authors, help with the website and bring support to tons of authors from all over. That is just super duper wonderful. I got to see inside the business world of writing and get to take control of things. I’m very thankful to them, and all of you because without this blog – I wouldn’t have gotten this chance.

Even if I slip down this mountain hill, I will always carry the memories of what brought me some of the happiest moments. I don’t even mind falling down halfway or to the bottom. The road to reach back up will surely be interesting, full of trips and triumphs. I am very blessed, and am very excited.

What about you guys? If you would like to share. What are some of your best moments? πŸ˜€

All the best,


8 thoughts on “On top of the Mountain; a Writer’s Journey

  1. Jonas Lee says:

    I’m with you there. For me, it’s satisfying enough to just write. Whether I actually get picked up someday or simply self-publish as planned, I love every step up as well as the occasional slide down.

  2. ontyrepassages says:

    You’ve accomplished a lot and should be proud. There is perhaps no greater accomplishment than helping others, which you’re doing. Congratulations. For me, thus far, I point at my blog that’s now 15 months old, my website that was born just last month, and my poetry collection that I published last week. I, too, am pleased with my accomplishments thus far.

    • Ky Grabowski says:

      Why, thank you! Congratulations on all that you have accomplished as well. That is wonderful. I look forward to hearing about more in the future.

      All the best,

  3. REDdog says:

    Ky, it must be nothing short of awesome to write The End that first time. Sounds like you’ve really found your niche in life too, something most will never achieve…I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up haa! Write on, I say, write on! Respect REDdog

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