Wonderful Wednesday

Girls Can

This video makes me smile. Its empowering. I also love that these celebrities are using their fame to help promote women. I really admire this and hope this video will help inspire many young women all over the world.

‘Seventeen’ Magazine Promises Photos of ‘Real, Healthy Girls’

Yes! Uh, awesome! Its about time this comes to light and hopefully more magazines will adapt to this great change. The media for far too long has promoted very false images for the public. I see both girls and boys trying to attain a photoshoped image and its heartbreaking. I believe this start is the beginning of a really great 360 for our future 🙂

A Beautiful photoshoot

This video was adorable, heart warming and so very sweet! Cancer affects far too many people. The hard work and care that went into bringing lifelong memories and happiness to someone is just the best thing ever!

A boy saw a classmate getting bullied, find out what made him cry ten years later

I cried. This broke my heart and repaired it as the same time, how is that even possible right? Read this amazing story to find out why, it just goes to show what a simple act of kindness can do for someone.




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