The one thing I hate about my body…

Is how others see it.


      A quote I dearly love is “I’ll make the impossible; possible.” It’s not from someone famous. I say it quite often due to the fact the universe and I never tend to get along. We are on different planets.

          The things I mange to do never cease to amaze my family. They often return my quote back to me. Until recently, I did not comprehend how powerful the saying was. Out of the normal context of breaking bones, falling, and or losing things; it actually inspires me. How does it? I’ll tell you! 🙂

          I want nothing more in this world than to help make it a better place for all to live in. I see the news sharing the horrors of our world (and occasionally the good too) Constantly the stories awaken ideas. I would love to continue to bring joy to others and changes. Smiles should be brought to our faces, not stripped.

          Someone once asked me if I could change anything about myself, what would it be? I thought about it for a moment before answering. “How others see me.” It didn’t directly relate to the depth of their question but, I love who I am. I’m not always going to be fond of myself ( it’s going to happen, I’m human!) however it does not mean I will change it.

          Later on I, pressed myself for a more in-depth explanation. Why did I say what I said? Then it hit me. The knowledge that others tend to view another with more negativity than positivity did not make me feel good. (I’m not saying those people are bad but, we should support not hurt one another) I never want my sister to feel as if she is not good enough. Even when others bully her and she might believe the unkind words. I want her to know in her heart that she is who she is. I want her to believe she’s completely and utterly beautiful. How can I expect her to be happy with herself (or my future children, should I have any) if I cannot do the same and extend that to others.

         Of course it’s easier said than done. It can be a long process but I assure you the best one I’ve ever been through. I’ve stated before that I had to learn to love myself first, and it’s true. None of what I’m sharing now would be possible without that step. Against the magazines or negative voiced ideals. I see only beauty.

          Who am I to say that someone heavier than me isn’t beautiful? Someone with a hunched back, or missing limp? Even if they have cancer, they deserve to be loved, to feel beautiful and that is what I embrace. I tend to think of Lilo from Lilo and Stitch when she says to Nani “Aren’t they beautiful?” on her wall are pictures of heavier set people. I laugh and smile each time. She did not care what they looked like, or what others thought of them. She herself, believed them to be beautiful.

          Once I saw a friend comment on a picture of a child with cancer. On the picture it asked for people to like or share, to promote a different kind of beauty. The friend wrote that it was wrong to tell them something that wasn’t true. I couldn’t believe how angry I felt seeing that comment.

         Why was I angry? They were entitled to believe that. I didn’t tell them they were wrong but I sure felt it was wrong to say. Beauty isn’t always about sight, there’s so many more things that make beauty up as a whole.Yes she was dying of cancer, no of course she wasn’t healthy. But, why didn’t she deserve the same compliments? Its not as if she asked to be sick. Cancer or not. That didn’t give anyone the right to make them feel as if they were not worthy of beauty because, of some unrealistic standard.

          At least that is what I believe. Its why whenever anyone asks me that question, I answer the same. It would be to change the perception I’m viewed in. So that maybe one day more than not, the people of our world can live in more harmony, love and kindness than before. I recommend you to check out this video below, to help inspire more people to love their bodies and themselves. As the lady says, “Let’s create change together.” Embrace who we are.



The Story Behind One Of The Best Before-And-After Photos I’ve Ever Seen


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