Review: See How She Fights by Michelle Graves

It was a joy to return to Izzy, Keenan, Molly and Ian.

Molly & Ian still make me laugh constantly.


Onwards! She How She Fights is a wonderful edition to Michelle’s first book, She How She Runs. The dialogue continues to grow and the storyline more involved. She brings more characters into play and leaves curiously tingling throughout.

When things begin to go well everything is turned upside down. Slowly but surely the more pieces of the puzzle given the more trouble it brings. With the characters getting stuck in between the good and bad (the story sure didn’t) It was like getting to watch an intense but great tug of war.

You cannot tell whose going to win, whom to trust and eventually things end. The saddest part really is the end because this book, She How She Fights was super fun. It held it’s on and I couldn’t put it down. (I read it in one sitting but I’ll likely re-read the series when I buy this baby in paperback)

Michelle added to the past of the first book, with both the characters and story. The lovely thing was still being able to enjoy a fresh new read. Not once did I feel bored or as if things had been constantly repeated. The book was right on track and I cannot wait to read the final in the series.

Izzy grew up so much and I could feel her courage and fight. Even in fear she didn’t want to back down. What was nice is that Izzy never gave up and remained her adorable sarcastic self-still. I also enjoyed getting to see the other characters more vulnerable than Izzy this time around. It really helps shape the characters more. I know the last book will be a perfect ending to the trilogy.

I’m quite nervous, and excited.

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