Film review: Road to Paloma by Jason Momoa



        g0BiDk3mmfCNdY8sxWCS-mWnuqg  This movie wasn’t what I expected it to be. I’m very happy to state I enjoyed it. Jason Momoa proved how talented he truly is. I respect and admire all his hard work. He and the wonderfully talented cast created an excellent movie.

          The locations were stunning. In the first few moments Jason’s character Robert Wolf is sitting against a tree. I absolutely fancy this scene. It was gorgeous. Maybe it’s because I’m a writer but scenery is extremely important to me. It can set the tone or break it. Road to Paloma brought it’s A+ game in this aspect. The quality and dedication to displaying the beauty of nature, is something I truly appreciated as a viewer. (I like pretty things okay?!)

           Side note: Lisa Bonet (Jason’s actually wife) who plays Magdalena was such a cutie. I liked the relationship their two characters had. It added a lovely touch.

          Now I have to discuss the music. Music is one thing I can’t live without especially when I write. I want this film’s soundtrack. The music followed the story smoothly and brought more of its scenes to life. One scene in particular features Wolf, Eva (played by Sarah Shahi ) Cash (played by Robert Homer Mollohan), and Irish (played by Michael Raymond James) It gave a joy to the moments they shared – you could feel it.

          I think that’s the best thing about this movie. It made you feel things. I wanted to hug most of these characters. Seriously how could you make (Irish) Michael Raymond James cry? He’s such a sweetheart. Aha

         Side note: When Wolf and Irish meet each other, their interaction is hilarious and sweet. It defiantly had the brother vibe flowing. That’s something I totally loved about this movie. Family featured heavily. It shared all different types of bonds and

         Overall I recommend this movie. It has its own original stamp. The movie is full of humor, drama and family love. The film’s gritty tale will take you down its promising road of entertainment. Congratulations to all involved on this fantastic film!

         Last note: Can we talk about how flippin adorable that babe was?



The film was released on July 11, 2014 from Boss Media – Pride of Gypsies.


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