Wonderful Wednesday

A father’s letter to his daughter

This article features some great insight into how women are treated in the world. I like that this father shared some great advice, thoughts and hopes. I think they will help inspire many other parents. It teaches not only girls but, boys about the world and their futures. Even if you don’t have kids or ever plan too – this post has some great stuff you might like to read.

Same sex marriage proposal inspires former bully to apologize

Ughhhh, so wonderful. Yes! I became very happy when I learned that this man reached out to apologize. It’s not always easy to learn from our mistakes or change. The courage it can take to admit your wrong and own up to things can be extremely difficult and scary. So props to this man, and congrats to the couple!

Embracing the post baby body

(This post does feature pictures of wonderful women naked, breastfeeding, or showing their lovely bodies off) Woohoo! It’s so lovely to see this movement popping up more and more. A women shouldn’t feel disgusted by her body for bringing a child into this world. They shouldn’t feel the need to lose the weight in one whole day. (Kate Middleton, anyone remembering people upset that she still had baby fat only a couple days after giving birth?) Its sad, its mean and it has to stop. I’m not saying women shouldn’t work out or make themselves feel better if they don’t like the extra weight. The problem is people tear apart a women’s body and the beautiful gift she’s able to give. That’s not right. To all you wonderful women, you are beautiful and you’ve created something magical. Be proud! πŸ™‚


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