Review: The Duet by R.S Grey

**ARC provided by author for an honest review**


I love it. Sexy, fun and light.

I finished the book over a few days. I wanted to sit back and appreciate. The Duet and R.S Grey did not disappoint. This book became exactly the book I needed to read right now. It made me laugh! The book is full of cheeky humor, sassy characters and sisterly love.

The worst part? I have to wait to read the sequel. R.S Grey sunk her writing teeth into my heart with Cammie and Grayson. I was hooked, intrigued and eager for more from those two. There wasn’t any lack of them, oh no. Grey snuck them in and out, making me so curious I pouted when the book ended. I cannot wait to read the follow up. I’m certain it will hold its own and continue to showcase R.S Grey’s talent with words.

Overall, The Duet was coated just right. As sweet as a raspberry jolly rancher. With tons of sass, soul and sex. I recommend you give this book a try. It’s a refreshing read and I couldn’t be happier as a reader.

Congratulations R.S Grey, best of luck in the future. I can’t wait to see what it holds for you! xo

Now Available

Title: The Duet

Author: R.S Grey

Publisher: v

Release Date: November 10th 2014

Pages: 320

Genre: Comedy, Romance, New Adult

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