Losing Me by Jasmine Carolina – REVIEW

Nickayla Quinn is not a damsel in distress.

Six months after she experienced a horrible betrayal at the hands of her best friend, her world is turned upside down. At the end of her rope, Nickayla can no longer go on… Determined to end it all, her plan is foiled when she’s pulled out of the darkness in a timely rescue in the form of Colin Westwick.

Colin never thought that saving the mysterious, drowning girl would be the end of his life as he knew it. Fueled by a desire to be around each other as much as possible, their walls come down and they let each other in, all the while battling demons that neither wants to share.

Nickayla’s not a weak girl who needs to be saved…she just needs to find the most important thing that she lost: herself.


A debut novel that showcases the immense talent Jasmine has, and brings to life realities that hit close to home. Losing Me is a fantastic display of literature.

This book surprised me. Not because I didn’t think it would be good or that Jasmine wasn’t a great writer. I got nervous reading it. I knew from the first chapter that I would love it. I did and I do.

There’s some heavy content involved. Jasmine, however handled it incredibly well and crafted an amazing story. I don’t usually experience heightened emotions with fiction. Then this book, Losing Me comes along and I formed a deep, personal connect to it.

It is a hell of a ride but its a very fantastic read. It has lots of sweet, cute moments to ease the stresses throughout. I am so happy and honored I had the chance to read this book. I hope you’ll give it a chance and get to see the amazing work Jasmine created.


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