Review: The Allure Of Dean Harper by R.S. Grey


I was torn between eating, taking a cold shower and jumping a random stranger. At this point I only made it half way through the book. The Allure of Dean Harper will satisfy your need for a good book but, you’re gonna need someone to take care of yours. 😉

Aha! I love this book so much. I continued to laugh throughout it, and root for Dean & Lily. Uhm they are super duper cute together. I really enjoyed their relationship. They work together and create some kind of magic. When they don’t? Well it’s still full of sparks and good entertainment I’ll tell you that.

The foundation in this book is solid, from the story to the characters. Grey adds the perfect little details and touches to make The Allure of Dean Harper one of the best books you’re going to read this year.

12009836_964235243599795_7392080940020712039_nIt’s a work out reading this one, that’s a fact! You might as well throw on some workout clothes too while you’re at it. Grab a ice cold drink and totally let the neighbors know how much you loved Dean & Lily.

This couple is all spice, but together they’re going to make you melt. I squealed when the book ended, it made me so happy. Though I’m certain a farm of pigs sounded ten times cuter than I did. R.S Grey, deserves a freakin crown – and cookies.

I’m honored I had the chance to read this, and get to share my thoughts early! I’m in love with this book, is that possible? Oh well. I am. You are going to want to pre-order, order, and devour The Allure of Dean Harper. (Pssst, do it.)

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11935165_416897238506741_716632444748841349_oFrom USA TODAY bestselling author R.S. Grey comes another hilarious standalone that features:
● a love-to-hate-you romance
● a strong, witty heroine
● a rough-around-the-edges hero who makes Mr. Darcy seem kind and agreeable (hah!)

★ PRE-ORDER “The Allure of Dean Harper” NOW ➜

// The Allure of Dean Harper is a standalone romance with overlapping characters from The Allure of Julian Lefray. Both can be read separately.
★ The Allure of Julian Lefray ➜ //


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