Just a Dog

db1He’s only a dog.

He farts, he whines.

He’s the clumsiest thing on four feet I’ve ever seen.

Instead of walking, he hops along.

He howls at the door when left alone completely ignoring the big beef bone.

He’s a garbage digger, bed hogger and mating magnet.

He dislikes elderly men. So GILFS won’t become a thing. Such a shame when they’re totally my game.

He guards his house and welcomes us home.db3

He’s a hoarder of stuffed toys and a lover of walks.

He’s a little shy and deviously sly.

He’s stubborn when scared and requires your care.

As gentle as can be, intelligent and sweet.

He protects me in my time of need. Soothing nightmares, and helping me breath.

Whenever I come home he gives his love, and brings nothing but joy into my heart. He lets me cuddle when I need a moment, or kisses me when I cry. He takes up my entire bed but I will always lay at his side.

db2 He’ll never truly know the depths of my love, or that he heals the broken pieces inside of me.

So yes, he’s just a dog.

Who’s my friend but, most of all my family.

          Happy birthday, Damon

06 / 11 / 12



9 thoughts on “Just a Dog

    • Ky Grabowski says:

      Awh thank you for the kind message and link to the poem. I’m very sorry you lost such a wonderful friend. The poem is beautiful though, you could feel the love you had for your doggy ❤

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