Unmasked by S.A. Starcevic

There’s this great book I read recently, you can check out my review of it here if your curious. It will be available on blog in a few weeks either way 🙂

The book? —- > Untouchable by S.A. Starcevic

I completely love it. I truly believe everyone should check this novella out; its worth it. As short as it is – it caught my interest and made me curious enough to keep an eye out for future updates. As you all now can know – here’s the update! The Sequel! Yay 😀

I’m super duper excited to read it and hope you’ll check it out too. You can learn more bout’ it from Starcevic’s website as well, click here to do so.


Superheroes are at war, but not with villains.

As the first few rumblings of discontent start to make themselves heard, Ethan Elliot and his friends in the Protectorate will have to face their greatest foe, one who is all around: the public.

Cover Reveal:


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