New thriller book; Levant Mirage by @OliverFChase

I’m currently reading this brand new book! I’m enjoying it and its a fresh and different change from the books I’ve read in the past. I wanted to share it with you all! Oliver is very talented and a hard working author. I hope you will take a look and maybe, even read this suspense filled book!

Oliver is also doing a book tour, traveling around the states to do signings. Keep an eye out on his Facebook page to be able to meet up with him!


Book information: Levant Mirage

            When disgraced Major Adam Michaels, US Army, survives a terrorist murder plot on American soil, he must bring together an unlikely team of scientists, foreign and domestic agents, and an international industrialist willing to risk everything in a last attempt to thwart the final Jihad. As a PhD engineer and designer of secret American military hardware, he falls victim to a vicious conspiracy spawned within his own government. When the bureaucracy releases his true identity, Michaels, the son of a Syrian pilot and American royalty becomes the target of competing world political agendas and merciless terrorists determined to reduce America’s greatness to the ashes of history. Ripped from today’s headlines, this fast paced thriller rivets readers with the author’s  insider knowledge of counterterrorism, space agency scientific fact, and solid military research.


Publisher: Pearl River Publishing Group

Release date: October 15 2015

Book genre: Thriller & Suspense

Book length: 95,000 words

Book trailer: Levant Mirage

Buy links: Amazon, Smashwords, Lulu, Barnes and Noble, and iBooks.

Coming soon to: Kobo, Oyster, Overdrive, Scribd, Aldiko, and more.



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