Interview with author: S.A Starcevic

S. A. Starcevic wanted to be a superhero when he was little, but nowadays he settles for the next best thing—writing about them. Untouchable, his superhero YA novella with an LGBT love story, is signed with Forever More Publishing. When he’s not slaving over books two and three in the trilogy, he blogs about writing, publishing and world domination at Bookshelf of Doom.

I had the chance to get to interview this amazing, new, author. I’ve recommend the novella he has written a few times now. Starcevic shares some interesting secrets in this interview! So, continue on to learn all about the UNTOUCHABLE series. It’s pretty super ;D


Superheroes are at war, but not with villains. As the first few rumblings of discontent start to make themselves heard, Ethan and his friends in the Protectorate will have to face their greatest foe, one who is all around—the public.

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What is the UNTOUCHABLE series about?

Think of every superhero comic you’ve ever read mashed together into a three-part novella series. Now chuck in some explosions and a smidge of queer romance. That’s UNTOUCHABLE.

What makes it special to you?

UNTOUCHABLE was – is – my debut. My baby. It wasn’t my first contract, but it was the first I signed on the dotted line for. So even if I nab a six-figure book deal with Random House tomorrow, it’ll always occupy that pedestal.

Are there stories or characters you want to expand more on?

Definitely! That’s the trouble with novellas. Length-wise, I’ve endeavoured to keep each installment brief and digestible, like a comic book, which meant cutting some of the excess slack. For instance, I wanted to elaborate on Dollface’s origins – in my mind, she was a tightrope walker who escaped a sexually abusive stepfather before becoming a supervillain – but it didn’t fit, so I slashed it. However, I do give her a cool little cameo in UNMASKED, so stay tuned for that!

In creating this series, what has been your favourite part and when did you feel like everything began to link up?

Probably that lightbulb moment when you find the perfect way to connect the dots between the title and the story.


Unlike most people, Ethan Elliot never wanted to be a superhero. Nevertheless, when his powers flare up to save his life—and the lives of innocents—he has no choice in the matter. Plunged into a world of capes, costumes and derring-do, he’ll do what it takes to succeed. Even if that means casting away his old life to become someone else. Maybe even someone better…

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You’ve brought superheroes and LGBT+ community together, were you inspired by something?

There’s a funny story behind that, actually. Originally, the premise for UNTOUCHABLE was: what if every LGBTQI+ person on the planet suddenly developed superpowers? I’d recently read an article about genetic diversity, and I’ve always been interested in ratcheting up representation in YA lit, so the two pieces of the puzzle just kind of slotted together. Of course, anyone who’s read UNTOUCHABLE knows the idea eventually evolved beyond that, becoming narrower, more laser-focused.

Which character(s) would you most like to befriend or spend the day with?

Oh, that one’s easy. Gravity Girl is so much fun to write, so I think she’d be fun to hang out with, too. Actually, back when UNTOUCHABLE was little more than a kernel in the popcorn machine of my imagination, I toyed with the idea of making her the star of the show. I ended up slapping Ethan with the main protagonist placard, and settled for giving her her own scene in each installment.

Of course we all need to know, what would you be like as a superhero? Or supervillain? Do you have an idea of what your persona/mission would be?

Honestly? I’d be a terrible superhero. Not selfless enough. And I loathe spandex. That said, I’m not cunning – or evil! – enough to be a supervillain, so I think that one’s out of the cards, too. If anything, I think I’d be a journalist like Lois Lane, chasing up leads and risking my neck for a scoop. Yeah. That sounds about right.

Where can we connect with you at?

I putter around at the Bookshelf of Doom, and I’m also on Twitter, where I have no idea what I’m doing. Otherwise, I’m a freelancer and gun-for-hire at a bunch of places that I won’t list. Thanks for having me on, Ky!


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