The uphill struggle

My life meets with the same incident repeatedly. A vicious cycle that knows no end. I lock myself away each time the cycle occurs.

The worst part of it is that I sometimes allow myself to believe in the false perception I, myself create. I don’t have complete control over my mind and that’s pretty stressful. I’m the cause and the solution to my problems. The irony.

I’ve come to terms with the demons and obstacles I’ll face, though, I don’t like the truth. I will be okay. The life I live will be filled with struggles but I’ve come to see that by accepting that simple statement, most of what I face is easier to deal with.

The past had been quite difficult but thankfully, I have learned a great deal. I can use this to focus on the future I desire even when things get clouded. I want to open every possible door and explore the adventures that await me.

I have forgiven myself, and by doing so it’s given me back control I never thought I had.

Today is a beginning: not an end.



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