Interview with paranormal romance author: Kristina M. Serrano

Hi everyone! I’ve had the honor of interviewing this great new author, Kristina M. Serrano. She made her debut in the writing community on January 14th, with Slow Echoes. Let’s give her a warm welcome ❤


About the author: Kristina M. Serrano is a YA, paranormal romance writer. Her debut book is called Slow Echoes. Kristina has a BFA in creative writing fiction and a certificate in publishing. She currently lives with her, energetic Bichon Frisé, Jake, in North Carolina.



What is it about YA paranormal romance that intrigues you?

Seventeen has always seemed to be my go-to age when designing a protagonist, even when I was younger than that! There are endless 10171295_10152658683102350_5905240829168747702_nopportunities for adventure during this time of emerging into adulthood, and yet, so many hindrances because most people still view you as a kid. Combine the free spirit of youth with the challenges of taking on adult responsibility and throw in some parallel dimensions and paranormal creatures, and awesome plots will ensue! As for romance, it’s in everything I read and write. I’ve just always been a hopeless (or hopeful?) romantic. The mushier the better!

What inspired this tale?

It was very minimal inspiration. I wanted to write a paranormal story about boxing. I also wanted to write a story about Egypt. So I thought, why not combine these with, of course, romance?

Egypt plays a major part in this book, why is that?

Before majoring in creative writing, I was going to be a paleontologist/archaeologist, so I’ve always been fascinated with geology and cosmology and Egyptology and other sciences of the like. I also adore learning about different cultures, and, though I’ve done little traveling myself, I’ve always wanted to explore different countries in person.

Can you share any fun facts about this book with the readers?

I lost the first three chapters (which were later cut anyway during edits) and notes in a hard-drive crash, and was so burnt out after finally typing them back up from pure memory that I sat the book aside for years before finishing it.

Do you have any guidelines / rules that help you when writing this genre?

My guideline for everything I write is just that, a guideline. I’ve tried to write without plotting and outlining first, and it didn’t turn out so well.

If you were or could be a paranormal creature, what would it be?

Only one? Goodness, that’s hard! Um… Something with wings. Or, no, wait, a mermaid. No…um… Yeah, I’ll take the wings. Or a unicorn… Decisions, decisions.

KMS_SlowEchoes.jpg 2

Selk Baioumi is Croatian. She’s also Egyptian. And American. Despite her vast heritage, the only family she has known is her mom and late grandfather. Other than that, the closest relationship she has is with her boxing/kickboxing instructor, Cliff. And she’s perfectly happy with her life, until two new men show up in her cozy hometown of Snow Hill, Maryland. The first, Whistler, an ill-reputed boxer with a paranormal secret. The second, Zahid, the Egyptian father who’d left her mother the day after Selk was born.

Has this book taught you anything?

This book has taught me so much, not only through Egyptology and boxing research, but also about publishing. Most importantly, I learned that waiting for the right publisher definitely pays off, no matter how hard it can be.

Are there any creatures you want to tackle in the future?

About a million. Seriously, my files include book ideas featuring about every creature you could and couldn’t imagine.

The cover showcases important pieces of this book. Can you share anything about the process or final result?

Well, I knew I wanted to have Selk and Whistler both on the cover and something featuring Egypt in the background, which resulted in that awesome photo of a mummy against a gold landscape, which is sort of a blend of scenes in the book. Though I didn’t get the exact photos of the characters I’d hoped for on the cover, I did get the same models, and had more input than most publishing houses give, which was awesome.

From your original draft to now, how has the story or you as a writer changed?

The original draft of Slow Echoes was 70,000 words, so, although the story itself didn’t change in the edits, the final draft is more of a string of all the important parts of the story, which, I think, makes for a cleaner read and better pacing. As a writer, publishing Slow Echoes has launched me into a surreal state. I have to keep reminding myself that I’m an author now, and that people will actually read what I write from now on instead of just hearing me talk about what I’m writing on social media.

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