Review: Deer In Headlights by Staci Hart

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I wanted something fresh, fun and different. This book, Deer in Headlights, fits the bill completely. The cover is gorgeous, it’s an intriguing read (even from the blurb) and the details in the layers of this plot are A +++

I was nervous about the gods addition to the book. Even history on gods for dummies is hard to understand.Though, I mean if reality TV existed back then, hell I might even watch it.

However, Staci made it all her own. I knew these characters, their stories, and still Staci left me curious, unsure and dying to know more. She gave them such backgrounds, 9511301explanations and personality. I couldn’t get enough.

The humans were great & their story too. It was a thrill to see how their love story played out, knowing they had no idea about the gods, especially. It really makes you think about all those strange little occurrences that happen in our everyday lives. Is it apart of something more? Is there more?

I love the connection between the gods an humans. The game, makes such sense and is a fantastic twist to the overall series. I’m excited to read more stories of the humans but, I won’t lie; the gods won my heart. I need them, their stories, and I cannot wait to dive into the rest of this series.


Pages: 444 pages

Published: February 10th 2013

From: Promise Socks Publishing

Author: Staci Hart

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